Thank Goodness its Over! – The Mother’s Day post that never was.

It’s funny the things you remember. I remember the first little card Maddy made for me. Her little…..

And that is as far as I got. Mother’s day was over, I swung right into wedding quotes and ordering and then came the long weekend, then into a wedding and father’s day. Now, bang. Grad and Proms are here! There is no measurement for time. Well yes there is, but you know what I mean. As we get older it seems to pass by quicker and before you know it June is almost gone but in your head you are stuck at the beginning of May.

This time of year is hectic. Many events, formals, weddings, and wedding quotes for late summer and fall are piling up. Sleep is for the lucky, and panic attacks that you forgot to order something are on the rise. By God, at 2 am last night I was wandering the house looking through email for a wedding date of June 25. Thanking the Lord that nothing came up. Losing it these days is so common it almost goes hand in hand with each breath! To add to the chaos, my oldest will be graduating from Grade 8 on Tuesday. ( I think I booked the day off, but I’m not even sure anymore)

Answering emails becomes harder. Remembering that someone emailed near impossible. I look forward to the first week of July but who am I kidding – July weddings! I love my job, so don’t get my wrong, its not all bad. It would be more convenient if we could spread some of this out over the year or clone myself. I don’t think either are going to happen.

Most of all I ask for patience. We are after all only human and only florists. Doing what we can when we can.

As I look toward the next couple of months, it will be September before I know it but I’ll be stuck in July mentally. I will remember our local florist Cliff Byrnes. Cliff and his wife Maureen are retiring and closing their flower shop, Cliff’s Garden Florist. A lot of people would assume that this would thrill me. In actual fact it does not. You see, I am a firm believer in competition, in fact I thrive on it. While I don’t ever know what my competition is doing, (in fact, I think I was the last to know), I like having them there. I always think it makes you a better business owner, a better retail store for consumers. A constant drive to do better and go that extra. While I know I will still have those attributes, I will lose some of that sense and I will also miss having them. There is no doubt that Cliff’s style Cliff's Garden Floristof Ikebana and his rich knowledge of plants and garden flowers will still be around, but I know that there will be a hole in our flower community. At some point though each of us must go back and enjoy the life we have built for ourselves without the stress of getting up everyday and going to work. To Cliff and Maureen, I wish you much enjoyment in retirement. As a fellow florist and business owner, I know it has been hard earned and much deserved. I raise my glass to you for a career well done.

Cheers until next time, N

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness its Over! – The Mother’s Day post that never was.

  1. What a beautiful post Natasha and it is sad to lose a business. Can relate to it all, except for the flowers. Well put.

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