….and I never call you back. Yep, that’s me!

Its true. Sometimes it happens. I never call you back. Or maybe its – I never answered your email, text, or FB message. For years I have been happy with my anonymity. Hearing people talk about me in the grocery store, all the while I am standing behind them and they have no clue! No face to the name, no name to the face!

It can be a cruel thing – living in a small town. With so many benefits there does come some negative ones. Anonymity is priceless. I was once asked by a fellow business owner if I was always shy and introverted. In my head I snorted and laughed. I thought to myself  – You have done a great job here. People believe your quiet and introverted – snort, again. People love to talk and boy, some try very hard to get some dirt. Sometimes being quiet, low key and anonymous offers so much value to your everyday. I was able to get paper work done, get groceries without peering eyes, have a day off uninterrupted, tailgate and maybe cuss at you while you were driving in front of me. All these things that you don’t think will be a problem until people recognize you. Now if I cuss at you, tailgate, or get groceries – people notice. Back into my shell I want to go.

The biggest of all issues is paperwork. I no longer can do it uninterrupted. People will blow by my staff and insist on many occasions that I help them. The issue is….I have great staff and they want to help you! I love helping and serving customers. Most times I can’t say the words no. It happens on the phone as well. You know who you are. The call comes in and you only want to speak to me. When asked what is it for, the ladies are prying the fact that it is an order out of your mouth like its a long kept secret only you and I share. I wish I had the time to help all of you but I can’t. You see it comes back to paperwork. Actually, it comes back to the government. They want the paperwork and they want it on time.  Part of being the sweeper, the cashier, the purchaser, the bucket washer, the order taker, the designer, the public relations rep, the chief fireman and the smiling girl is being the accountant, the filer, the banker, the cheque writer, and government liasson. The tasks plenty, the time limited.

Not actual picture of me but pretty close.
Not an actual picture of me but pretty close.

My staff – Oh my gawd – I love them. Love them like I love my family. Trust them like I trust no one else. I have built a confidence in their abilities, as designers, cashiers, listeners and general good people. You see my Flower Shop is my baby. I have said that before. The Flower Shop is my third child and I love it as such and each day that anyone of them comes in to work, I am trusting them with the care of my baby. At the same time they are caring for me as well. They know the amount of work that is piled and waiting for me (I’ve tried burning it to make it go away, not really a smart idea – while I can’t see the pile afterwards its still there). They also know how badly I am trying to balance a business and personal time for my family and myself.

With that you will notice them taking your messages and putting them in a pile for me to look at. Sometimes its not for a couple of days. The amount of requests that we get by each communication avenue are significant. With that said, I do my best to answer them all. Sometimes, I just miss you. Yep, emails too! It happens. I’m far from perfect. (please don’t point out any grammar mistakes or any other mistakes. I have two teenage daughters – need I say more) Honestly, if you want to place an order, ask a question or just find out whats going on lately – the ladies will be happy to help you. In fact, they would be much happier then when you ask to speak to me.

And yes, you may come in today and see me sitting here, paperwork in hand – after the ladies just told you on the phone that I wasn’t in today. For this, I thank them. That little white lie kept me from working til midnight and looking like death the next day.

Until next time, N

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