Moonlight Open House and Oh Ya, we are Moving….

Did you see that? I tried to slide that in so that it was a subtle topic of discussion but its not. Ya, we are moving. I’d like to say that it just happened but it has been a long discussion since March and I have been working on my plan since then. Keeping a lid on this has been hard and I have been bursting at the seams wanting to share it with you. I have to say that when I finally did, I slept like a baby!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my space that we have now. Exposed brick, beautiful skylight, high ceilings. It also comes with no storage, a long narrow space with little natural light. Not great for plants and moving about. Add in the fact that we have grown, grown, grown…and it equals a transplant. New soil, bigger pot and better light to expand our roots and blossom.

The space we are going is almost three times as wide as now and has windows – floor to ceiling plus an area that we can dedicate to open studio time through the day for workshops – Chalk Paint TM and floral. My ideas for the space are running wild with excitement and I cannot wait to share them with you in person when we open in January/February.

As excited as I am and my staff too, we are going to miss our friends at this end of King Street. We are avid customers of Robesons, Panache, The Dollar Store and More. Seeing all your friendly faces throughout the day has saddened us, a little. I know we will still see you but it might not be as often. There are things we won’t miss but I will keep those for myself. Some of you already know what  they are and share your negativity towards it as well. Wink wink!

Moving is scary. I won’t keep that a secret. Retail business as you well know from my other blogs is full of pits and cliffs. I am preparing myself for the highs and lows but can you ever prepare yourself enough? I have to say that I was taken back and surprised at the overall reaction. Thank you so very much for all your positive feedback and comments. Sometimes I can bury myself back in the flower shop space and be disconnected to what is going on around us. I find myself very humbled by this response and I promise I will try to be a little more out there.

If you have not been to our Moonlight Open House, well you are missing out! We had a fabulous turnout and Mother Nature was kind with the weather. I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you who participated. It is always a pleasure to see so many of you out, laughing and enjoying yourselves. For us it is a night that it is a lot of hard work. Prepping, fluffing, organizing. Over $1600.00 of gift certificates and merchandise were given away. Lucky winners! We often don’t reflect on what goes into a night like this and I can tell you that by the time you get here my staff is burnt to a crisp. A huge shout out to them for a job well done, always. I couldn’t ask for any better right now.

Also, a huge shout out to Zach Treanor and Shannon Yates for organizing us all. It takes a lot to get us to the finish line and co-operating. You can’t have this many heads and not have a little bit of squabble.

Onward to December we go. We look forward to seeing you, chatting about our move and letting you know about some great sales that are going to come your way as we refine our inventory for our move. If you happen to see me out and around, don’t hesitate to stop and talk to me. Often I am in my own little world ticking things off my list and adding three times as many to it to notice who is around me. I am always excited to chat and never to occupied to say hello.

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