How are you? It’s been awhile.

So seriously, how the hell are you?

It seems like forever since we got on and chatted here….and a whole freaking lot has happened. We moved, setup a new cooler, we moved, my mother in law passed away, we moved, we’ve been grieving, family, some good friends passed away, kids, emergency operations, everything. The last 6 months have been a blur.

When I decided to move the flower shop 3 years ago, I knew it would take some good coordination, great planning and a lot of patience. What I didn’t expect was the endurance of it all. It’s always the little details that you get hung up on and I am HUNG UP! It will come, I know.

This last little bit though has found me struggling to get to the finish line.  I can see the light but things have suffered, my eyes have suffered. I’ll tell you, I am living in denial and ladies, I don’t think I am alone here.

The answer. Glasses. Yep, glasses. I have found that my eyes are tired. The longer days and lack of sleep are making their mark on my hazels. This has made for some good entertainment at home and at work. My girls think it’s funny that I have to squint from the dining room table to see the time on the clock in the kitchen now. (Trust me, there are more stories but this is the only one I am giving up today) At work, it’s denial all the way! Until one of the ladies points out that I didn’t get to the water with a stem or better yet missed the vase all together. It’s vain I know, but I don’t want to wear them. So in protest I’ve picked up some funky coloured glasses and plain ones but almost all of them pinch my “g.d.” fat head! Don’t even talk to me about lifting my head and trying to look into the

Funky coloured glasses and moi!

distance. Talk about a trip without the drugs!

Seriously though. It’s a sign. A sign that I need to relax, we all need to relax, or take a break and make an appointment with an optometrist. Get over my vain self and start seeing things clearer, without squinting. Maybe then the details will appear clearer and I’ll be able to check them off of the ever growing list. Maybe then I’ll see more then just the finish line, I’ll make it to it!

Until next time,


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