Our History

The story of our trendy little floral studio, Magnolia Flowers, starts back in 1935 with the opening of Cunningham Bakery’s Pastry Shop. What began on Charles St. in 1919 quickly outgrew its foot print and a second shop was opened here on King St. Originally built to suit the bakery with two window skylights for releasing the oven heat by the creation of artisan breads, tarts and delicious pastries. The bakery serviced our little town for many years to come. Through the years of changing hands and modern updates the location has since been used for retail shoes, clothing, sporting goods, and fishing tackle stores…just to name a few.

In 2007/2008 the building was upgraded to a modern city design utilizing an open concept style exposing one of the skylights, its old original wood ceiling, and exposing its long beautiful brick wall. Today we pay tribute to that history by continuing to adorn it with salvaged wood beams from an old farmhouse in Mallorytown, circa 1870 and hand forged brackets. Loving most old things has helped us to make it the shopping destination it is today. You can be sure that a trip to wander our store is one you will never forget and will be sure to pass on to friends.

Natasha Lux


YES, I’m a city girl! When you visit my store it is hard to imagine with all of the treasures you will find. Saying that, I grew up in a house with brothers and sisters (I am the youngest) and my parents were married in 1955 which has led to the love of all things worn, tattered and vintage. There are comforts in those. You see, with so many mouths to feed we didn’t throw things out but re-purposed them. My Mother was a fantastic sewer and doer of all things hand made. I believe that is where I got my talent and passion. Schooling in accounting for many years, I made my way to a bigger city and worked as a Financial Analyst. After 10 years or so it was time to bring my little family closer to home and ensure that I could instill a little of that passion in them that was instilled in me.

Magnolia came out of nowhere. It literally blindsided me. What started with a necessity in our little town to save some much needed jobs has turned into my third child, baby really. I have come to learn that I love people, love being there for my community and love flowers. I love the creative process and often times you will hear me say that I dreamed of designing in a certain way and then go on to do it. I am excited to be here every day and I am humbled to share that passion and excitement with you.

Our Staff


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Where do I start?  I’m Marilyn. Until my 1st daughter was born I managed a custom drapery store in Kingston. Then I was a stay at home mom until my 3 girls reached high school age. I started working at a friends greenhouse where I stayed for several years until health issues forced her to close. There began my love of flowers. After that, I worked at another greenhouse/flower shop where I was introduced to flower arranging and my love became my passion. In 2010 I started at Magnolia and I have loved every minute. Due to some health issues I don’t work as much as I would like, but having a fantastic boss, who lets me work as much as I can, has fulfilled my dreams. We are a staff of 3 who are more then coworkers, we are friends having the time of our life. I love connecting with our customers through flowers for all their life moments. From a single flower to an elegant bridal bouquet, I love it all!


griffin flower shop

Who is Griffin? Well he is not on the payroll, well maybe sort of. He is the Floral Studio’s main Man, ok – Dog. Griffy has been with us since before the beginning and will often times accompany Natasha, or is Natasha accompanying him, anyways, to the store. You will find him tucked up on the back counter sleeping in his bed. Depending on who you are will depend if he decides to get up and give you some attention. Born in 2008, Griffy is a Chorkie – Chihuahua Yorkie mix. He loves treats but is under watch for having too many of them.

Being Our Customer

It’s kind of odd isn’t it? That you clicked this link and it makes you wonder what this is all about.

To say that we love our customers is truly an understatement. I myself with my employees have made a family and every time you shop with us, stop in to wander or give us a call we are extending that sense of family to you. I believe your experience with us should be outstanding and genuine each time you interact with us. Our small community deserves to have places they love to shop but also places where they can feel that they are loved for it. I truly promise to make your experience with us just that. Loved. We love the fact that you choose us. We are not fooled into believing that you don’t have other choices, we know you do! The fact that you place your orders with us, floral,gift, sympathy or wedding, is something that we are not only thankful for but take to heart. And in this I want to thank you, for being our customer. ~ Natasha

Our Shop